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Virginia Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle accidents are common in the Commonwealth of Virginia and injuries resulting from such incidents can run the gamut from minor to severe. Though there are many different causes of bicycle accidents, the most serious involve collisions with motor vehicles. Regardless of the kind of crash or the type of injury that you suffered, you should contact a Virginia bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after your collision so that he can begin working on piecing together the strongest possible personal injury claim.
There are countless bicycle accidents in this country every year and the vast majority of those incidents involve children and young people. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the total number of bicycle related deaths has decreased since 2001, yet the number of injuries related to bicycle collisions has grown. The National Safety Council estimates that bicycle injuries and cyclists’ deaths result in more than $4 billion in financial losses each year in the United States. According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, nearly 800 people were injured in bicycle-related accidents in the Commonwealth in 2012, and more than 800 bicycle crashes were reported to the state. You can find copies of the DMV’s reports and statistics here.

Types of Bicycle Related Injuries

There are certain injuries that are much more common in bicycle accidents than in many other types of motor vehicle crashes. This is due, in part, to the fact that bicycles lack a protective layer that most vehicles – other than motorcycles — enjoy. Therefore, even the most conscientious cyclist who is decked out in the best bike safety gear can be serious injured or, in severe cases, killed. Some of the most common types of injuries include:

  • Bruises,
  • Cuts and scrapes.
  • Head injuries,
  • Spinal injuries,
  • Broken bones,
  • Torn ligaments and muscles,
  • Paralysis,
  • And death.

The single biggest threat to a bicycle is a car. Either drivers get too aggressive and refuse to share the road with people on bikes, or there is a lack of visibility and the driver fails to the cyclist until it is too late, if at all. Collisions with cars, trucks, SUVs, buses and other vehicles typically result in especially serious injuries due to the obvious disparity in size. Other causes of bicycle accidents include collisions with pedestrians and poor road conditions.

Civil Justice for Bike Accident Victims

Because bicycle accidents frequently involve motor vehicles, collecting damages for those cases works in a way similar to that of a “regular” car accident case. This means that things like the Virginia statute of limitations for filing personal claims, and whether a driver’s insurance carrier covers the costs related to the injuries you have sustained, likely apply. There may be many other potentially liable parties in a bike crash, however. That would include a runner or walker who wandered into your path, or a pot-hole laden roadway or buckled sidewalk or bike path that caused you to lose control of your bike and fall. No matter the cause, or the liable party, dedicated Virginia bike accident attorney will know how to determine who is at-fault and the best way to pursue compensation for the harms and losses you have suffered.  Those harms and losses may include, but aren’t necessarily limited to:

  • Pain and suffering,
  • Lost wages,
  • Medical bills, including specialized equipment like crutches or splints,
  • Property damage
  • And, in the event a loved one is killed, funeral expenses.

The amount of money you can claim and collect is something your attorney can help you determine. He can also review all the aspects of your potential claim, and help you decide if you have a case worth pursuing. Your attorney will be adept at both negotiating with insurance companies for fair settlements and, when necessary, fighting for civil justice in court. Our firm is passionate about pursuing the best possible compensation for our clients and will aggressively litigate your case. Call his Virginia law office to schedule a free consultation today.